Wednesday, October 20, 2010

38 weeks appointment

I had my regular OB appointment yesterday. I was hoping to get checked out and see if there is any kind of progress going on. Then the Nurse Practitioner walks in and I knew that I wouldn't be getting checked out today. Baby girl is measuring 39 weeks everything is looking good. She mentions to me that the DR isn't in the office and I knew that right? NO!!

Long story short is that he had surgery to remove some cancer and isn't going to be in the office until late November, early December. DR will not be delivering my Allyson. So I am being referred to another OB here in town and I have an appointment with her on Friday. Hopefully I will get something.

The NP also has my due date as 11/2 so as of today I'm 38 weeks!! YAY :) I don't know when that changed.

Now I just wait for Friday and see what happens at this new office.

blood pressure: 112/65
weight: 158 pounds. Down one from last week
baby's heart rate: in the 140's and doing just perfect!

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