Friday, October 22, 2010

38 week appointment with new OB

So today I had an appointment at the new OB office today. I went in and the OB came in and reviewed my chart with me, we went over some of my stuff with my GD. I told her how my old OB felt about my GD and inducing and what she thinks? She looked at my chart and said that we could induce at 39 weeks, which is next week!! She says that she is going to call the hospital and set it up for next Thursday or Friday depending on what's open. In the meantime she wants me to have NSTs done twice a week. The do it there at the office and I went into the room and did the NST. The nurse comes in and says that the DR would like to check me to make sure my cervix is favorable.

I go into the room and she comes in and tells me that she noticed I haven't been checked and would like to check me to see that's cervix is favorable that way it doesn't end up as a c-section. I had been having contractions so I thought something would be happening ... NOTHING. Cervix is closed and thick ... so no induction next week. She said doesn't like her GD patients to go past there due date, so we will be having an NST Tuesday and a regular appointment Thursday and see if anything has changed and go from there.

I know it's all for the best but it just stinks!! I thought for sure something ... ANYTHING. I had been having some contractions and lots of pressure. I thought for sure a little teeny tiny something.

The good news is that LO is head down. So I am hoping something happens with the full moon tonight!

Blood Pressure: 117/68

Weight: 161 pounds

Baby's Heart Rate: in the 140's

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