Thursday, September 2, 2010

31 weeks

I really can't believe that it's Thursday already and time to take a belly pic. This pregnancy is going by so much faster than with Aubrey. WOW!!

How far along: 31 weeks today!

Next appointment: September 15 - they are every two weeks now

Any new aches/pains: new pains? This diabetes diet is a pain. It isn't the eating of the food. for me it is the planning. Can't just open up the refriderator and pick whatever sounds good. It's making healthier choices, which I know is good for both ally and me. Plus conrad is doing it too. So it really helps.

Sleep: last night I slept wonderful. I hope it happens again tonight!

Best moment this week: mops started back up this week yay!!

Movement: all of the time!! now it's been pretty bad she will move and it will be like all of a sudden I have to run to the bathroom or i'm going to pee in my pants!!

Labor signs: none thankfully.

Food cravings: anything sugary sweet.

What I miss: anything sugary and sweet

I was feeling brave enough to take a picture of me this week. I took it and stared at it for awhile and debated about putting it up, i have been feeling self conscience about the way I look. i decided to just go for it. here it is!

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