Sunday, August 29, 2010

Visit to the ER on Saturday & GD

Let me start on Friday

Friday afternoon Aubrey asked me to blow up a balloon for her. I was trying to blow it up and couldn't. The left side of my lips were not not making a tight enough seal around the balloon. I just thought that I was crazy and couldn't do it. No big deal.

Friday night while brushing my teeth I noticed that I was having trouble spitting out the toothpaste. Again my left side of my mouth just wasn't right.

I woke on Saturday and my lovely mother in law came over to work on Allyson's room. I had been having an issue with my left eye for a few days now, it was watering out of control. She asked if there was anything else. My ear had hurt on Wednesday but not too bad and briefly. I mentioned the thing about my face. She looked at me and could notice that something was different but only now that I brought it up. She had my call my OB just to see what they thought I should do. He said that it sounded like Bell's Palsy or that it could have been a mini stroke (scary) and just to be safe to make a trip to the ER.

We were triaged and into a room really quickly. They checked my BP and BG and both were good. DR came in and had me do a few things. Lift my arms, push my feet against his hand, squeeze his hands. No numbness or tingling. To check for signs of a stroke. We moved on the my face. He had me smile, raise my eyebrows, and shut my eyes. In each task my right side would do it normally, but not the left side. He confirmed what the OB had though, Bell's Palsy. He said that little Ally was okay and it doesn't harm her. The DR gave me an eye patch to wear at night, since my left eye doesn't seem to close all the way (even though it feels like it does) Conrad jokes that I should wear it. DR also gave me a RX and then we were on our way home. It was the fastest ER visit in history. We were in and out in an hour.

He had said that it can happen to anyone but for some reason happens to pregnant women in their 3rd trimester (Me!) and also people that have diabetes (I have gestational diabetes) so it's just one of those random things that happens to people. Lucky lucky me.

It's been a few days now on this new plan for the GD. It's really not that difficult just a little annoying more than anything. I feel like all I am doing anymore is obsessing about food. Gotta eat a snack but can only have this ... even though this sounds good. I have to know what time I eat at so I know when to check my sugar. My timer has become another good friend of mine. Aubrey gets excited when the timer goes off. "Time to poke, Mommy!!" She wants to see the blood and always offers to help clean it off. What a sweetheart. But my readings have been really good. The only thing I really miss is having fruit and having something sweet at night. Well it's time to figure out dinner for us.

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