Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nursery Progress

The fabrics we picked out.

Conrad and I wanted something fun and bright in Allyson's room. We thought this was perfect.

The accent pieces on the crib ... awe!!

Sewing the valance

The walls are white but they don't look it in this picture.
I had to put it up!!

Amma working on the quilt
First off Kathy is just amazing! I could not have attempted this without her help. We aren't finished yet, but whoa I would not have even known where to begin. She has a gift. I have a picture of things that I want for the room and just looking at the picture she can figure it out and create it. It's amazing.

So far we have made the valance and the bed skirt. I have them both in Allyson's room, so much fun to see. Kathy is still working on the quilt. We have the bumper, the diaper stacker and this really cute toy bag that I want to try to make. Her room is going to look so cute when we are finished.

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