Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Doesn't everyone want to start their day drinking a flat sugary tasting orange drink?

That's how I spent part of my morning, at the lab doing my glucose tolarance test. I didn't get to have breakfast that morning and had to drink this not so great tasting sugar drink. The sugar sure got to Ally. She usually isn't too active in the morning, but WHOA this morning she was all over the place!!! This little girl must have been on a sugar high. She moved around for 4 hours. Moving, kicking, punching ... probably her way of saying "Mom I need some FOOD!!" I ate some toast after my appointment because that's about all I felt I could eat without getting sick. She finally calmed down after lunch. I wonder if tonight will be a quiet night for her.

Let's hope I pass the one hour test because I do not want to do the three hour test.

I also got paperwork to do a routine ultrasound for my OB office. Next Tuesday morning and Conrad finally gets to come with me!! YAY!!

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