Monday, June 21, 2010

It's a ...

This morning was our appointment with the perinatologist. I was both excited and nervous for this appointment. They were doing an ultrasound to make sure that all was okay with little one. From all my blood work everything looked great. I was just nervous for them to see something on the ultrasound, but God is great and we have a perfect helathy little baby!

The tech was trying to get measurements and this little peanut would not stay still. Conrad and I are in for it!!! The tech said that the baby is measuring about 13 ounces... so big yet so tiny. I am just truly amazed at this little life growing inside me. We were able to see it's nose, it's lips... LIPS ... we saw it's heart beating. Oh it was truly truly AMAZING!!!

Here are some amazing pictures from the ultrasound today.

Little one sucking on it's thumb.

Teeny tiny little foot
A cutie pie already!
Conrad wasn't able to come to the appointment with me, so his wonderful mom came with me. The tech had asked if we knew the sex of the baby and if we would like to know (My OB isn't doing an anatomy scan until 24-28 weeks) I said of course we would like to know!! BUT we asked if she could tell what the baby's sex was and could write it down and we were going to go to Conrad's work place and open it together. She did one even better. She got a shot of the little one and wrote It's a .... and folded and handed it to Kathy. Kathy didn't even know what it was yet. It was kind crazy knowing that the piece of paper had this information that I was dying to know. Well here is it it's a ....


Allyson Kate

We are all thrilled to be having another girl in our family. Poor Conrad is going to live in a house full of girls... poor him.

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