Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First bike ride/3D chalk

We have had a busy last few days and today wasn't any different. Today was a special day Aubrey rode her bike for the first time!! She was so excited. Of course I took a ton of pictures and couldn't decide which to post so here they are ..

Getting ready to hop on

So cute!

Daddy helping Aubrey

The bike was acting up so it wasn't too much fun. Something with the pedals so we have to take it back to make sure that it's not a defect

Meanwhile we played with 3D chalk. It's so neat!

How many grown ups does it take to fix a bike?

Helping Uncle Cody

No one can resist playing with the 3D chalk

Look Gigi

Aubrey has had a great time with Gigi these last few days. Gigi has to head back home tomorrow. We have had a great time visiting and playing. I know that Aubrey will miss her so much.

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