Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy week

This month has sure been busy. Aubrey's birthday, Gigi was here, park days, doctor appointments, swimming and now this week moving.

I am so thrilled to be moving into a bigger place. Tuesday cannot get here fast enough for Conrad or myself. I am so done with packing. I cannot wait to have a living room AND a family room. Aubrey is looking forward to more room to run around. Little Allyson will have her own room when she makes her appearance in November. I cannot wait to start on that either :) Conrad is looking forward to a larger garage. A backyard. A real one. Not a patch of grass and a slab of concrete like we have now. There is a covered patio. Grass. Oh we are just too excited. Conrad said today that he doesn't think that he has ever been excited to move.

We are bring some stuff to the house on Tuesday and by July 1st we will officially be moved it. Can't wait!!!

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