Monday, June 14, 2010

19 week check up

I had my 19 week OB appointment today and it was just a normal visit.

Weight: +3 pounds from my last visit
Baby's heart rate: 146

Aubrey came with me to the appointment and did very well for being a bored little 3 year old. The DR had a hard time getting this little one's heart rate. Every time she did our little gymnast would flip or move. Baby finally was still long enough to hear that wonderful whooshing noise. Aubrey thought it was pretty neat.

I got my results back from the 1st trimester screening tests and all came back great. I have to do the 2nd trimester screening at 24 weeks so they will give me the paper at my next appointment, July 12.

I thought this is when they were going to give me the paper work to FINALLY get our BIG ultrasound done and boy was I wrong. They will give that to me at the next appointment also. They like to do it at 24-28 weeks ... REALLY?? I have to wait another month???? Argh! At my next appointment I will also get the paperwork for the nasty glucose test. That is going to be one eventful week. Ultrasound, glucose and screening tests.

On Monday we have an appointment with the perinatologist. They are going to decide if I should have an amnio done, and do an ultrasound of the baby to make sure that "she's" doing good. Since my screening test came back good so it's just a precaution kind of thing, since it runs in the family. One good thing is when we go they will be doing an ultrasound and should tell us what the sex of the baby is, so I only have to wait until Monday. I can do it!

OB said that everything looks great and pregnancy is going wonderful...YAY! On Thursday I will officially 20 weeks and half to the due date! I cannot wait!

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