Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy week

This month has sure been busy. Aubrey's birthday, Gigi was here, park days, doctor appointments, swimming and now this week moving.

I am so thrilled to be moving into a bigger place. Tuesday cannot get here fast enough for Conrad or myself. I am so done with packing. I cannot wait to have a living room AND a family room. Aubrey is looking forward to more room to run around. Little Allyson will have her own room when she makes her appearance in November. I cannot wait to start on that either :) Conrad is looking forward to a larger garage. A backyard. A real one. Not a patch of grass and a slab of concrete like we have now. There is a covered patio. Grass. Oh we are just too excited. Conrad said today that he doesn't think that he has ever been excited to move.

We are bring some stuff to the house on Tuesday and by July 1st we will officially be moved it. Can't wait!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

21 weeks

How far along: 21 weeks!!!

Next appointment: July 12

Any new aches/pains: No complaints here.

Gender: It's a GIRL

Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty well. Only waking up once to go pee.

Best moment this week: Finding out we are having another girl. I am so thrilled that it's a girl. I don't think I've stopped thinking about how much fun it's going to be having 2 girls only 3 1/2 years apart. I can imagine the fun we are going to have. Aubrey is just so excited to have a baby sister.

Movement: I've been feeling her a lot more. It's such an amazing feeling.

Food cravings: Just fruit, but I know that has nothing to do with pregnancy.

Belly Button: It's pretty much the same

What I’m looking forward to this week: I cannot wait to move into a bigger house!! Tuesday!!

Weekly wisdom: Packing sucks!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's a ...

This morning was our appointment with the perinatologist. I was both excited and nervous for this appointment. They were doing an ultrasound to make sure that all was okay with little one. From all my blood work everything looked great. I was just nervous for them to see something on the ultrasound, but God is great and we have a perfect helathy little baby!

The tech was trying to get measurements and this little peanut would not stay still. Conrad and I are in for it!!! The tech said that the baby is measuring about 13 ounces... so big yet so tiny. I am just truly amazed at this little life growing inside me. We were able to see it's nose, it's lips... LIPS ... we saw it's heart beating. Oh it was truly truly AMAZING!!!

Here are some amazing pictures from the ultrasound today.

Little one sucking on it's thumb.

Teeny tiny little foot
A cutie pie already!
Conrad wasn't able to come to the appointment with me, so his wonderful mom came with me. The tech had asked if we knew the sex of the baby and if we would like to know (My OB isn't doing an anatomy scan until 24-28 weeks) I said of course we would like to know!! BUT we asked if she could tell what the baby's sex was and could write it down and we were going to go to Conrad's work place and open it together. She did one even better. She got a shot of the little one and wrote It's a .... and folded and handed it to Kathy. Kathy didn't even know what it was yet. It was kind crazy knowing that the piece of paper had this information that I was dying to know. Well here is it it's a ....


Allyson Kate

We are all thrilled to be having another girl in our family. Poor Conrad is going to live in a house full of girls... poor him.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day!!

I am truly blessed to have such an awesome husband and an amazing dad to Aubrey. He is just wonderful with Aubrey. I cannot wait to see how he handles two precious children.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

20 weeks - Half way!!!

How far along: 20 weeks. Half way there!!!

Next appointment: Perinatologist on Monday

Any new aches/pains: No complaints here

Gender: I think girl this week... can't wait to find out!

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well surprisingly

Best moment this week: Hitting the 20 week mark, figuring out our housing situation and deciding we were moving into a bigger house. We move in less than 2 weeks!

Movement: Feeling it more and more. I can feel the baby from the outside but Conrad can't seem to feel it yet.

Food cravings: Just wanting fresh fruit. I've always liked it though so I know it's not pregnancy related.

What I miss: Not peeing every hour!

What I’m looking forward to this week: Looking forward to the perinatologist appointment. To see that all is well with our little baby and possibly finding out the gender this week.

Monday, June 14, 2010

19 week check up

I had my 19 week OB appointment today and it was just a normal visit.

Weight: +3 pounds from my last visit
Baby's heart rate: 146

Aubrey came with me to the appointment and did very well for being a bored little 3 year old. The DR had a hard time getting this little one's heart rate. Every time she did our little gymnast would flip or move. Baby finally was still long enough to hear that wonderful whooshing noise. Aubrey thought it was pretty neat.

I got my results back from the 1st trimester screening tests and all came back great. I have to do the 2nd trimester screening at 24 weeks so they will give me the paper at my next appointment, July 12.

I thought this is when they were going to give me the paper work to FINALLY get our BIG ultrasound done and boy was I wrong. They will give that to me at the next appointment also. They like to do it at 24-28 weeks ... REALLY?? I have to wait another month???? Argh! At my next appointment I will also get the paperwork for the nasty glucose test. That is going to be one eventful week. Ultrasound, glucose and screening tests.

On Monday we have an appointment with the perinatologist. They are going to decide if I should have an amnio done, and do an ultrasound of the baby to make sure that "she's" doing good. Since my screening test came back good so it's just a precaution kind of thing, since it runs in the family. One good thing is when we go they will be doing an ultrasound and should tell us what the sex of the baby is, so I only have to wait until Monday. I can do it!

OB said that everything looks great and pregnancy is going wonderful...YAY! On Thursday I will officially 20 weeks and half to the due date! I cannot wait!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

19 weeks

How far along: 19 weeks

Next appointment: This Monday

Any new aches/pains: I'm doing pretty good. No complaining here.

Gender: I am thinking it's a girl ... for this week :)

Sleep: I have been sleeping pretty good. I find myself waking up on my back a lot which is weird since I HATE sleeping on my back!

Best moment this week: There are a few - Taking Aubrey to Fairy Tale Town, Spending time with Amma and Gigi, looking for a bigger house, and one week until I'm at the half way point!! Whoo-hoo!!

Movement: I'm feeling "her" more and more. It's such an amazing thing that we as women get to experience

Food cravings: Just depends on the day - I am really loving fruit, but that's nothing new ;)

Belly Button: It's going to be popped out before I know it.

What I miss: I miss the cool days before summer ... the heat is here!!!

What I’m looking forward to this week: Going to the DR on Monday YAY!!

Only 21 weeks until my DUE DATE!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First bike ride/3D chalk

We have had a busy last few days and today wasn't any different. Today was a special day Aubrey rode her bike for the first time!! She was so excited. Of course I took a ton of pictures and couldn't decide which to post so here they are ..

Getting ready to hop on

So cute!

Daddy helping Aubrey

The bike was acting up so it wasn't too much fun. Something with the pedals so we have to take it back to make sure that it's not a defect

Meanwhile we played with 3D chalk. It's so neat!

How many grown ups does it take to fix a bike?

Helping Uncle Cody

No one can resist playing with the 3D chalk

Look Gigi

Aubrey has had a great time with Gigi these last few days. Gigi has to head back home tomorrow. We have had a great time visiting and playing. I know that Aubrey will miss her so much.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Micke's Grove Zoo

Amma, Gigi, Candice, Katiya, Aubrey and I all went to Micke's Grove today for a picnic and a fun day at the zoo. It was a HOT day out today, I'm so thankful for the nice breeze and the shade of the park.

Showing off her wingspan

Giving the pretend turtle a hug

Aubrey and Gigi

Aubrey's 3rd Birthday

I can't believe that my little baby girl is THREE YEARS old!!
It was kinda weird to think about that at Aubrey's next birthday her little brother/sister will be there.

Look at all those gifts!

Move over Anna Kounikova - Aubrey is going to be the next tennis star!

Waiting for her surprise from Mommy & Daddy

It's a BIKE!!

Happy birthday to you!

Our little Aubrey

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Picnic at the park

Conrad's Grandma (Gigi to Aubrey) flew into town on Wednesday. Aubrey has been so excited to visit with her and have her at her birthday party.

On Aubrey's birthday we had a birthday picnic at the park. Amma, Gigi, Candice and Katiya, Aubrey and I were all there. It was such a nice day to be just hanging out with family.

Throwing rocks in the river

The girls

This is my FAVORITE picture of them

Enjoying her PB&J

Thursday, June 3, 2010

18 weeks

How far along: 18 weeks

Next appointment: June 14

Any new aches/pains: The allergies are getting better- thank goodness.

Maternity clothes: I'm able to wear some of the bigger clothes that were handed down to me.

Gender: Cannot wait to find out! I'm feeling like it's a girl. A lot of the family thinks that the little one might be a BOY ... and Aubrey is dead set on it being a little sister.

Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good.

Best moment this week: I got my haircut... much needed.

Movement: I'm feeling "her" move around a lot.

Food cravings: Depends on the day

Belly Button: It's getting ready to pop out soon.

What I’m looking forward to this week: Celebrating Aubrey's birthday this weekend.