Sunday, January 31, 2010

First trip to the Snow

Aubrey has been waiting to go to the snow since the beginning of December. We took her up on Saturday and she had the best time. Here are picture from our trip!

Car ride to the snow felt like forever!! Aubrey was so excited to see the snow on the ground as we drove through town.

We played at a school and this is the equipment covered in snow.
Aubrey wanted to play on it... not today honey.

My favorite picture!

Sledding with Daddy

I want to go again!

Snow bunnies

Aubrey and Daddy

Aubrey and Mommy sledding down the hill before we wiped out.
Conrad really captured the moment too, ARGH!!!!

Where are your legs?

Aubrey eating snow

More snow

Family Picture

Bye bye!

Time to head back home. Aubrey can not wait to go back up next year!

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