Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas this year! ! !

This year was a lot of fun because Aubrey was learning the real meaning of Christmas. She can answer questions about the Jesus and his birth. She knows that we are celebrating His birth. Listening to her just makes me smile.

Aubrey this year also found out who Santa Claus is. She wasn't too sure about the whole reindeer, flying sleigh thing. But she sure knew he brought gifts. Christmas Eve she went to excited about what Santa was going to bring her.

We spent Christmas Eve morning at Candice's house with Papa and Nana, we had a nice breakfast and exchanged gifts. Aubrey had the best time opening gifts. She got a Little Einstein's laptop that she LOVES !!

This Christmas Eve we started a new tradition of opening one gift that evening.

Guess what it was?

New Christmas Jammies!!

Aubrey got a cute little night gown. She looked just adorable!

Christmas morning was full of excitement. She saw the
presents Santa brought her. She opened up her stocking. Opened her gifts. And she had so much doing it. She didn't even need help opening any. (Just with the ribbon) She got lots of fun things. She got a train set, play doh, a water bottle, her first barbie and her favorite a pink digital camera. (It's great cause she can take picturesand the camera is unbreakable!)

We went to Kathy's house and exchanged gifts with her and Cody, and the Yefremenko's. My mom and sisters came over after that and we exchanged gifts again. Aubrey is a pro at unwrapping gifts. She even likes to "help" unwrap other people's gifts. Aubrey did pretty well at waiting while everyone took turns. Not an easy thing for a 2 1/2 year old to do.

Oh man I can't believe Christmas is gone already. I had such fun watching Aubrey learn about the Christmas story. We saw Santa at the mall, from afar... I wasn't going to scare her. We enjoyed watching her get excited for all of the decorations in the store, or in people's yards. She has learned a few Christmas songs... She can sing Jingle Bells. She likes the Feliz Navidad but her favorite song this year, was the Little Drummer Boy.

Well I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas.

I will upload more pictures later...

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