Friday, November 13, 2009

Park day!

Aubrey and I went to the park today to hopefully get rid of some of the energy she has built up inside her and enjoy the cool weather. We went to the park by Hughes School. Aubrey quickly made friends with a little boy and girl. They had fun running around the park, running in the grass and climbing in and out of the pirate ship. Aubrey would climb up the stairs, then go down them. I kept trying to get her to go down the slide but I couldn't convince her too. It was fun to see Aubrey interact with other kids. I never get the chance to see if first hand. She goes the her class at church, but I never get to see how she is. But thank goodness she was a good little girl.


Hi Mom!

The little kid part of the playground is a ship, this is where we
spent most of the time.
Studying the treasure map.

She wasn't too sure about going over the bridge

This was the closest she would come to the slide today. She did not want to go down them for anything!

Her favorite place to be!

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