Monday, November 2, 2009

Family Fun Night

On Saturday my Mom and I took Aubrey to the church's Family Fun Night. They had games there, and the kids could win candy. It was a lot of fun.

Aubrey was so excited to wear her new kitty shirt.

She's thinking "Haha be good"

Nanny and Aubrey fishing for candy.

She couldn't sit still to take a picture with me. It took like 4 tries to get this one.

Aubrey liked the scarecrows

More candy

This was a cute little game, throwing banana at the monkeys to knock them over.

This was Aubrey's favorite game of the night. She was laughing and giggling every time she threw the ping pong ball whether it landed in the ring, in the pool or on the floor.

Basketball with Nanny's help

and who doesn't love PLINKO??

Aubrey enjoying her sucker on the car ride home.
We had a great time that night.

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