Thursday, March 19, 2009

My little talker

I have had the last 2 days off and I think I have enjoyed them so much. Aubrey is just such a little girl...not even a baby anymore.When did she grow up? Where did my little crawling girl go? My little wobbly walker. My little girl. I can't believe it. She is talking in "sentences" When did this happen?  We went to a MOPS meeting today and I told her we were going to church. She said Aubo go to church. (that's what she calls herself) On our drive to church we pass 2 billboards, one of a $5 subway , and the other of a watch - She knows what order we see these and associates them with going to church. We have barely pulled out of the driveway and she says "Aubo's 5 (that's what we call the Subway sign) Aubo's watch" She just amazes more and more everyday! She is a little talker. She will just sit and play and just talk away! Today we walked to get the mail and I sneezed and she said "bless you mommy" in her little voice.  

One more week left @ work. I have finally decided not to say that I will be unemployed but I will become a full time mom. A stay a home mom until I find something that will work out for my family's situation. Conrad started full time this week at Carmax YAY!! God has really watched out for us and I know the He will continue to provide for us. God is just amazing!!

Another picture of Aubrey at the park. Where else would Mommy take her on her days off?