Friday, March 27, 2009

Old Photo Friday

She still likes to sit in baskets like this. I am so blessed to be her mother ! 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Old Photo Friday

This right here sums her up. My funny little girl! Always making everyone laugh. ♥

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My little talker

I have had the last 2 days off and I think I have enjoyed them so much. Aubrey is just such a little girl...not even a baby anymore.When did she grow up? Where did my little crawling girl go? My little wobbly walker. My little girl. I can't believe it. She is talking in "sentences" When did this happen?  We went to a MOPS meeting today and I told her we were going to church. She said Aubo go to church. (that's what she calls herself) On our drive to church we pass 2 billboards, one of a $5 subway , and the other of a watch - She knows what order we see these and associates them with going to church. We have barely pulled out of the driveway and she says "Aubo's 5 (that's what we call the Subway sign) Aubo's watch" She just amazes more and more everyday! She is a little talker. She will just sit and play and just talk away! Today we walked to get the mail and I sneezed and she said "bless you mommy" in her little voice.  

One more week left @ work. I have finally decided not to say that I will be unemployed but I will become a full time mom. A stay a home mom until I find something that will work out for my family's situation. Conrad started full time this week at Carmax YAY!! God has really watched out for us and I know the He will continue to provide for us. God is just amazing!!

Another picture of Aubrey at the park. Where else would Mommy take her on her days off?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ecclesiastes 10:4

4 If a ruler's anger rises against you,
do not leave your post;
calmness can lay great errors to rest.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Little things

I am so thankful for the things that God has provided for me and my family. The things that you take for granted all the time. Shelter, food, clothes. He showed this to me this morning while helping out in the classroom today. A young girl's grandmother just got custody of her and her brothers and sisters. They have nothing, the poor children were America. I know it happens and it's a reality but it's something I never think about. Or even think that would happen to me. This girl doesn't have shoes, had no clothes, nothing. It made me think how lucky I am. I have all this and I don't even realize how fortunate my family and I are. I think that this little girl is smaller the Aubrey or about the same size, I need to go through her stuff to see if there is anything that will fit her... 

Thank you Lord for everything you have given to me and my family. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Old Photo Friday

I remember this sweet little sleeping beauty. We were decorating Candice and Aleksey's apartment and she took a nap on the bed between the dolls. Before she could roll off, or crawl off, or climb off, or now jump off!! Goodness how my baby has grown! 


Thursday, March 12, 2009


I love taking Aubrey to the park. She has such a wonderful time. This time Josh, Mandi and Hailey met us there. The girls had so much fun !! 

Aubrey is getting so big. She was playing on the big kid playground, climbing up the stairs without help. She went down the BIG slide. I can't believe how much she is growing. She is making sentences now... Well putting words together. Aubrey slide. Aubrey swing, Hailey swing. Awe they liked swinging next to each other. Hailey was laughing. It was so sweet! 

Cianna is going to be 2 next month, then Aubrey in June and then Hailey in July. Wow I feel so old. I remember when all these girls were little teeny tiny babies...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Calamity Creek

Today I went to my little sis Tesla's play at her school. She did a wonderful job. It was more of a musical. It was really funny. She was amazing! She had a few lines, they sang and danced. I'm so proud of her!  Josh was trying to make her laugh and she saw us and she didn't laugh. Go Tess! My mom, Josh and I had WAY too much fun! Afterwards she said that we aren't allowed to come again. HA! 

I can't believe how old she is getting she is in 6th grade. Made me feel old. I remember when she was Aubrey's age. Gosh way to make me feel old. I'm going to be 25 in like 6 weeks! Argh!!

Mom and Tess

Josh and Tess

Me and the little actress of the family. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

Old Photo Friday

I remember when I was pregnant women would always tell me to enjoy them when they are little because they grow up so fast. I never really thought it would go by this fast

This is our first family picture. I love this one of the three of us.