Monday, February 2, 2009


I can't believe that it is February already. This last month really flew. Saturday was my sisters birthday. She just turned 12!! 12. I can't believe it. Makes me feel so old.

We heard some rumors that our last day is February 15th. We have heard that from other companies that are looking to buy the building that we are in. Room Source hasn't given us an "offical" date. Pretty crappy though if that's the day, it's mine and Conrad's FOUR year anniversary!! It won't even be 2 weeks notice. The big bosses are flying in from Arizona on Thursday to make an announcement. So we will see. I could use some prayer.

On a good note, I'm going to be an Aunt again. Candice is pregnant!! Yay! She is due the first week in October. She is only 5 weeks along. I'm so excited for her and Aleksey. Conrad's best friend is expecting a baby too. All these babies...aww makes me miss being pregnant. So weird to say but I do miss it. *sigh*

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